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Medical "professionals" are now withholding life saving procedures to those who choose not to vax. And Steven Utroska with Americans For Prosperity is in studio.

Report from the recent Madison County School Board meeting. What a libertarian sounds like. It's the sound of Freedom and CONSISTENCY.

The US Treasury has a ridiculous idea, but that hasn't stopped them before. And Humpday Health! Cancer, Nutrition and Stomach Ulcers

BLASTING the pharma companies abuse of the Us citizen - ESPECIALLY our children!

It seems almost EVERYONE is dissatisfied with the current system in the US. Conservatives are no exception. Yet, there is a real reluctance for conservatives to consider libertaria...

School board association is asking for Federal help in putting down parent protests and want mad parents labeled terrorists. False Flag Friday & This Week on the Crazy Train

Will FEMA camps be the new "Club Meds" of the freedom lover? YouTube Can't Touch Terrestrial Radio! And Steven Utroska with Americans For Prosperity is in studio.

Should we ignore problems people don't understand, or educate people in hopes of one day tackling them? Victoria Vax Stats - Wait, What?!?! Humpday Health! Plastics, Chemicals,Horm...

Why do Americans focus on every micro issue presented by the media and the political class, yet REFUSE to reclaim their own financial future from our corrupt government? Is it Stoc...

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