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"Never fall in love with a politician." - Mike Madison. Another GOP darling of freedom is exposed as a massive, lying fraud. Nate Baker with Americans For Prosperity is in studio.

"Never fall in love with a politician" - Mike Madison. Another seemingly good Republican is exposed as a lying Fraud. Nate Baker with Americans For Prosperity is in studio.

The CDC continues to play "Simon Says" with masks and other failed Covid mitigation dictates.  Lobbying BOOM in DC these days! Good for them - bad for us. Humpday Health! A couple ...

Listen Up, Citizen! The CDC is Talking! You Will Obey! Tech Tuesday - Climate Hysterics have us careening towards a disaster.

In the US, we are told it's a "pandemic of the un-vaccinated"! Yet, in Israel, England and Australia they are reporting DRAMATICALLY different stories. Who is lying?

Fox Carried Water for the Shot. Fauci spins data that CAN'T be true.  False Flag Friday - Operation Crimson Contagion? Israel World's Biggest Spy. And This Week on the Crazy Train

Americans TALK and COMPLAIN about federal spending, but they still don't really care. One day they WILL. Thomas Dobbs should be removed and there may be an effort underway.

The political class really thinks we are stupid. They have reason to believe that - we keep accepting their crap. And Humpday Health! - Stephen Jordan comes on to tell how he is fi...

Searching for an answer to Covid Fear, Climate Change Fear, Enemy Nation Fear, etc. seems to lead to only one conclusion. We are in the grip of the largest Mass Hysteria in human h...

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